The only backup solution that keeps its promises

The most important features

100% portable

An installation is not always necessary. jaBuT Backup is 100% portable, stealth and can on any disk in portable mode.


jaBuT Backup is as far as possible barrier-free and can also be used exclusively with the keyboard.

Profile based

Each backup job is profile based can be customized with many configuration options.


Profiles can be run manually or in scheduled mode. Profiles will be executed sequentially.

Low resource usage

jaBuT Backup doesn't need much resources and is perfect for uninterrupted service.

Data privacy

Does not phone home! Your data is your data.

Recent blog entries

The new jaBuT Backup 2019

Time goes by, code is being added, removed again and improved. But now it's finally time to let you know what I've been working on lately, what's coming this year and what you can look forward to!

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Test build 2018.10 is online!

jaBuT Backup 2018.10 (test build) is now online and can be tested.

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Status report: September 2018

After many nights without sleep and a lot of finger food the second most important feature has been implemented completely.

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Test build 2018.07 is online!

jaBuT Backup 2018.07 (test build) is now online and can be tested.

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