Special thanks to:
ozzyguy, Bernd H., Steffen. S., Dieter S., TheDutchJewel, Martin A., smaragdus, Zimmy/Carlos, Siegfried, Juglens, Hoggy, lintalist, Paparazzi, Jimmy, PortableFreeware.com and Essential-Freebies.de!

    • Added a new progress mode. Progress can now be displayed inside the profile list
    • Added parameter "debuglog [enabled|disabled]". Enable debug logging and help to eliminate bugs!
    • Fixed some compression mode related issues
    • Fixed not working archive file name preview (advanced compression settings)
    • Fixed an issue which caused displaying a wrong file date in the profile preview when using compress mode
    • Fixed an issue which caused not displaying the correct program title
    • Moved "Show advanced compress options" button from "Other options" page to "Mode" page
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