Status report: September 2018

After many nights without sleep and a lot of finger food the second most important feature has been implemented completely.

When I first began to develop jaBuT Backup for myself it wasn’t important for me to write clean and reusable code. Now that so many people use my software, send me feature requests and improvements I can no longer stay with that old code.

Because of that a few months ago I decided to start a refactor, a really big one which would renew the code base of a few fundamental program features. One of them has been implemented now about 99,9%. A last thing is missing but this will come when one of the other refactors has been done.

Some interesting git statistics.

diff between update 2018.04 and now
609 files changed, 20991 insertions(+), 15593 deletions(-)

diff between when refactor started and now
1279 files changed, 74058 insertions(+), 99858 deletions(-)

As you can see the refactor already began way back before update 2018.04 got released.

For an one-man-hobby-project I would say I did what I could to make the refactor as good and as fast as possible. Possibily I will release an update before the next big feature gets refactored and implemented.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next program update!