By downloading this software you accept the associated terms of use.

These terms of use apply only to the download jaBuT Backup.

  • 1. You may not copy jaBuT Backup or the additional products, hereinafter “software”, without permission of Michael Linden, hereinafter “author”, to other media on the web and offer them there.

    You may not offer the software with a link on other websites.

    This means especially download portals of any kind.
    The author may grant an authorization for this, but he is not obliged to do this.

  • 2. You may not offer the software as a download through a download manager or a similar technical way which is only be used for promotional purposes.

  • 3. jaBuT Backup is Cardware. If jaBuT Backup is used for commercial purposes I would appreciate any donation.

The author reports a crime if he should be notified of a case of abuse or if he should notice a case of abuse.

Be fair and do not rush free projects like this in the abyss, just because of you make it available to download platforms, who just want to make profit from it!

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