Many thanks to all my supporters!
It really means a lot to me to receive your appreciation.

Due to important, private business, new updates will come a little later than usual for the time being.
Also e-mail support may take a little bit longer than usual.

Don't worry! The project is still alive =)

Test build 2018.07 is online!

jaBuT Backup 2018.07 (test build) is now online and can be tested.

Some words of warning:

Test builds can freeze, crash and do other sketchy stuff.

Everyone who wants to help me find bugs while using it “normally” can download it visiting the link below. This test build has already a big changelog, many improvements, some new stuff and many fixes.
I always try to eliminate all serious bugs.

Always use dummy files

If you need a dummy test file generator, you can use my FileFillerExtended tool.


jaBuT Backup 2018.07 (test build) download

Download :