Test build 2018.10 is online!

jaBuT Backup 2018.10 (test build) is now online and can be tested.

Some words of warning:

Test builds can freeze, crash and do other sketchy stuff.

Everyone who wants to help me find bugs while using it “normally” can download it visiting the link below. This test build has already a big changelog, many improvements, some new stuff and many fixes.
I always try to eliminate all serious bugs.

Always use dummy files

If you need a dummy test file generator, you can use my FileFillerExtended tool.

Download: https://jabut.de/FileFillerExtended.zip

jaBuT Backup 2018.07 (test build) download

Download : https://jabut.de/en/download/

What changed in this test build:

  • windows are getting created dynamically now and only when needed

So when a window is not opening or closing correctly, please let me know which one and what you did before.

  • program settings are now being saved only when closing the program

Before that refactor I loaded program settings when needed into the program. Same behaviour when saving. Now all program settings are being loaded all at once when starting the program and they are also being saved all at once when closing the program. If an option you’ve set is not being recognised properly, please let me know which one.

Note: profile list columns sizes are not being loaded and saved at the moment. This will come later when the other refactor and the most important feature is being done – the new profile list.