jaBuT Backup

jaBuT Backup, just another Backup Tool, is a powerful and easy to use backup solution which is being developed since 2011.

With jaBuT Backup you can configure your backups easy! You can create "profiles" where all the important and backup related information are saved. These profiles are completely independent of each other.


Many configuration options

There is something for everyone! Design your profiles the way you need them. jaBuT Backup is getting better and better thanks to unique and very helpful users. Your section-feature is missing? Contact me!

Profile based backups

Imagine a jaBuT Backup profile like a file folder. All information necessary to perform the backup is located in this folder separately from all other backups

Windows Shadow Copy

Process open files by using Windows Shadow Copy

Processing modes

Eight different processing modes available

Customise your backup

Personalized data backups are suitable for every need, whether you are a private user or a company. They allow you to protect your data in a targeted manner

No bells and whistles

Might sound negative at first, but no bells and whistles, no complicated super-cool user interface - just the bare essentials

Does not call home!

Yes, that’s right. jaBuT Backup is not calling home behind your back! There are no hidden options


jaBuT Backup is free and will always be free

Processing modes

jaBuT Backup has a total of 8 processing modes. Combined with the diverse profile settings, every backup should succeed.

Various progress indicators

jaBut Backup has several different progress indicators. One of them is displayed directly in the profile list.

Detailed profile log

Keep an eye on your files. Always see what's happening with the profile log.

More screenshots coming soon!